Cieanna (n): “a sociable person who appreciates the beauties of nature and the refinements of life, and is moved by music and the arts.”

Cieanna, first established in June 2014, is a brand that celebrates fashion through classic and timeless looks. Founder and Designer, Anseya Gilitwala, believes in her aesthetic of creating simple designs with feminine silhouettes that are versatile. The designs have the perfect edgy-feminine balance, with reminiscence of clean and contemporary fashion. The essence of Cieanna lies in the designer’s ability to derive inspiration from various elements – from reading about a historical couture gown to traveling and experiencing diverse cultures and lifestyles. The inspirations are creatively translated in modern, dynamic yet elegant fashion that exudes effortless sophistication. Anseya is involved in every level of the garment process, from personally selecting the fabrics, to cutting and draping. Her passion is evident through her meticulous attention to each detail.